2nd quarter sales

Here is our latest quarterly report. As Bob Dylan once sang, “The Times They Are A-Changing”. Various factors go into the condition of any market: interest rates, inflation, unemployment, supply, demand, quality of what’s being sold, etc. The biggest factor for what seems to be a change in our local real estate market is the fact that values had been climbing for over a decade.

We were due for at least a leveling off if not an outright correction. As I state at the end of our report, we are confident in the future of the Sequim Real Estate market given the beauty and a geography that will always limit our long-term supply. Feel free to call or email me with any questions. And of course, if you are looking for help buying or selling real estate we would love to work on your behalf.

Hopefully this report proves informative. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need professional advice.