Sequim Bluffs

Located in Clallam County, Washington, Sequim is one of the best places to call home in the Northwest. Situated west of Seattle, outside Olympic National Park, Sequim boasts some wonderful weather and recreational opportunities. It’s also a quiet place to live, with about 6,900 residents and approximately 28,000 living in the surrounding areas.

Advantages of Living in Sequim Washington:

Right along the Dungeness River, Sequim is known for its amazing scenery and laid-back way of life. There are several reasons to move to Sequim but it really comes down to the three biggest benefits the town has to offer. Here are the top three advantages to living in Sequim, Washington:

  • Very affordable COLA. No, not the fizzy drink in the plastic bottle. COLA or cost of the living average is one great reason to call Sequim home. The cost of living in Sequim attracts many people from California because it’s just a lot less expensive to live here. Utilities cost less here than in other locations along the west coast. Other areas, like Seattle and Los Angeles, are substantially more expensive to live in, compared to Sequim.
  • Super weather. Of course, a huge draw about the area is due to the wonderful weather. Sure, it’s a bit cooler than the average temperatures in California and Arizona. But, there are plenty of sunny days and it’s drought free.
  • Outdoor freedom. Here in Sequim, the Olympic Peninsula provides all sorts of recreational opportunities. And, because there are many lakes, rivers, bays, and mountains, there is never a shortage of fun things to do.