Best places to eat lunch in Sequim, Washington

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Best places to eat lunch in Sequim, Washington

As a Realtor for Team McAleer at RE/MAX Fifth Avenue, I provide local knowledge for those visiting our town for the first time. I tell clients that I know a whole lot about very little. That very little is most everything there is to know about Sequim of course. Among the most frequent questions I get, including “how are the schools in Sequim?” and “did you know one of your children drew on the back of your driver seat?” is “what’s the best place to go for lunch?” I always ask them to tell me what they’re in the mood for, and then give them a few options with brief descriptions including price range.

Although not an official food critic (I’m assuming there are official food critics) I do eat lunch almost every day. This experience makes me an authority on some level. The blogosphere is filled with people who have promoted themselves to positions far less deserving than my current, self-appointed food critic status.

Best Soup and Sandwich: The Sweet Beginning located just inside the OMC Building at 840 N. 5th Avenue. Fresh soups daily, fresh Salads, delicious baked goods. Try the Dilled Chicken Sandwich or the Meatloaf Sandwich. Beautifully done, delicious simple food, with quality ingredients. Food snobs all appreciate Kathryn’s work.

Best Breakfast at Lunch time: The Oak Table located just south of the intersection of 3rd Ave. and Washington St. They make some great lunch items as well (The BBQ Chicken Salad and Chicken Pita) but the breakfasts make you want to eat breakfast. That was deep – I know. Whether you want to attempt to conquer the Apple Pancake (probably more suitable for a small Army) or try one of their fluffy scrambles, you really can’t go wrong. The 49er Flapjacks are a thin, creamy pancake that don’t need any topping. If I figure out how they make them myself, they’re in trouble. (The owners are huge supporters of our schools too!)

Best Thai Food: It’s a tie between the two Thai Food Restaurants in town- Galare Thai located at Bell and Sequim Ave. and Sawadee Thai located just south of the intersection at 7th Ave. and Washington St. Known for really going out on a limb, I continue to feed that reputation with this bold decision to award both with this honor. I choose both because I love Thai food and because both are quite good. Galare probably wins on the atmosphere and presentation but Sawadee wins on food alone for me (just barely) because of one dish: Spicy Basil Noodle with Chicken, 3 Stars. It’s unbelievable. Sawadee is located in an unassuming place just behind McDonalds. behind McDonalds (McDonalds is not going to make this list by the way despite my kids disturbing worship ritual to the Shamrock Shake). Mike, the owner at Sawadee, is one cool cat too.

Best Local Cuisine: Alderwood Bistro. A little more expensive, but rightly so. Alderwood is located a block west of Sequim Ave. on, oddly enough, Alder St. The structure is a cute, remodeled old rambler, but don’t let the building fool you…this is some seriously well crafted food being served here. They are committed to serving local produce and meats and have a great range of delicious menu items. The Calamari Salad with a tangy citrus dressing and the sweet potato fries with Aoli dipping sauce are a few of my favorites. It’s hard to go wrong with anything they serve though.

Best Local Seafood: The Dockside Bar and Grill located at the John Wayne Marina is superb. The most expensive place to eat in Sequim, they too are probably justified in their pricing. Start your meal with the rich “Pasta Purses” – shells stuffed with chicken and ricotta cheese in a prosciutto ham and Madeira cream sauce. My son thinks they’re awful which is usually a good sign that something is spectacular. Although the Alder planked steaks and Salmon are what they’re known for, it’s the traditional Paella that tempts me most. The standard sausage, chicken, seafood mix that sounds like overkill, but always somehow works tossed with saffron infused Basmati rice and baby peas.

Best BBQ : Jeremiah’s BBQ on W. Washington St. This award is much akin to naming myself the most handsome bald 41 year old man in my family. However, the fine folks who prepare this good down home cooking can’t be overlooked. Served with a smile, you can choose from all of the traditional ribs, briskets, sausage links, etc. but it’s the BBQ Chicken that takes it for me and not just because I want to live to see 60. The “Hot Little Piggy in a Blanket” sandwich is a pulled pork sandwich with fried jalapeno peppers and cole slaw that is crazy good too.

Honorable mentions (a category that could be called the “I’m not actually a food critic, and need to get on with things I get paid for but don’t want to leave these out” category): Old Mill Café in Carlsborg (superb Bloody Mary’s), Adrian’s on Fifth Ave. (just opened – hard to judge just yet), Wasabi Japanese Restaurant on E. Washington St. (great Sushi), Fresh Mix Grill, across parking lot from Clallam Co-op on E. Washington (great subs and Philly Cheese Steak!).

If you feel as though you were unfairly left off of this list, know that it will likely be read by no more than 10 – 12 people – I wouldn’t worry about it. And my son probably loves your food.

Michael McAleer